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Julia Smith has dedicated the last 10 years to helping people shift their emotional energy levels from being in emotional pain to opening to love, joy and intuitively connect with their innate talents.

From a young age Julia trained for 12 years in musical theory and piano, and it was during this time she had her realisation of how profoundly music and musical notes influence our emotional state of being.  Her further studies have been investigating the scientific fact that everything is energy and how music, sound notes and colour rays are an energy that impact directly on our own energy with the ability to heal emotional wounds and raise our emotional vibration easily and naturally into living and sharing love.  She has found that by raising our emotional vibration it increases our emotional intelligence and brings out our positive qualities.

Julia’s 'Transformational Energetic Healing’ is a unique process that harnesses the science of music, sound notes and colour rays as hertz frequency energy waves that she hand picks for each client’s needs.  Through her unique combination of Music Therapy, Musical Sound Note Therapy, Colour Ray Therapy and Energy Healing she is able to dissolve and relax the triggers underneath emotional pain and fears that create issues in our relationships and stop us achieving our goals and best life path.

Julia works one on one with client’s in her Sydney clinic, group work incorporating her Tubular Crystal Harp containing 10 tones of transformation sound notes combined with meditation, mindfulness and self awareness practices and she also does guest speaker appearances on the relationship of music and colour as energy with our own energy and how it improves our emotional well being.

You can find out more about her and her work at her current website. Her new website is currently being created and will be released soon. You can also find her on Facebook by clicking here or here.