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Carole has practised and taught aromatherapy and massage therapy for more than 20 years and is passionate about the physical and emotional healing benefits from authentic essential oils and regular massage treatments.

She currently runs two businesses and a “giving back” project.

Through HealthTouch Massage Therapies Carole provides remedial massage for relaxation in an ambience of calm, beautiful aromas and soothing sound.

Through Festival of Ariel scent therapy, Carole creates individually personalised natural perfumes, colognes, room sprays, inhalers and therapeutic blends, as well as offering consultation and advice on using essential oils safely.

Through, HealthTouch Massage Caring for Carers, she provides complimentary massage treatments for unpaid carers of partners, parents, children or friends managing chronic medical conditions, injury rehabilitation, cancer or stroke recovery.

Before leaving the corporate world to become a wellness practitioner, Carole spent 10 years organising conferences and project managed some of the largest business conferences and trade exhibitions held in all Australian capital cities.

She originally trained as a journalist and subsequently spent several years working in marketing, advertising, public relations and tourism promotion.

Always highly creative, she found her true artistic expression after completing an international perfume-making course.

More recently, she has become more captivated by the increasing body of evidence on the power of smell and how it influences human behaviour as well as the huge physical and emotional benefits of relaxation therapy.

In this podcast, Carole discusses the benefits of regular massage and the increasing awareness of how oils can impact our health both in mind and body.  She also talks about the importance of tapping into our sense of smell, one of our five senses which is very powerful but often thought of as being less vital.

If you would like to contact Carole, her mobile number is +61 (0)416 227 653 or click here to visit her website.