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Jackie is a Certified Jamu Practitioner specialising in Post Natal Binding, Wrapping and Jamu Massage in the sanctuary of the mum’s home post birth. She is also a qualified Paediatric Infant Massage Instructor and Consultant.

Her passion and focus lie with nurturing and caring for mums post birth so they can look after themselves, family and the new baby. She also focuses on maternal anxiety and post-natal depression within mums and reflux / colic / constipation within babies.

Jackie’s business is called Nurture by Touch.  She is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and a Health & Skin Care Therapist. She holds a Masters of Marketing Management Degree and has been in roles ranging from Project Director for a Spa Design & Consultancy Firm in London, International Business Development Manager (EMEA), Spa Development Manager, Sales, Marketing and Training roles within the Spa, Health & Skin Care Industries. 

Jackie has a son and was privileged to experience the ancient ritual of Jamu care in Singapore where her son was born.

In this podcast, Jackie discusses what inspired her to create Nurture by Touch and why she believes this kind of support is so important for new mums.  She also talks about her own experience with postal-natal depression and shares some of her learning about possible causes. 

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