Yenie was born in Vietnam and, at the age of one, became ill with polio.  Despite being left unable to walk without support and, ultimately, bound to a wheelchair, Yenie has led a very physically active life. 

Yenie came to Australia at the age of 14 and started playing many sports whilst attending Bossley Park High School.   Becoming extremely good at wheelchair racing, Yenie was all set to go to Beijing as part of the Australian Paralympic team when she had a major setback resulting in an operation on her knee.

In this podcast, Yenie talks about growing up surrounded by a loving family and friends who supported her, her love of sport and her disappointment and depression after being forced to drop out of the Beijing Paralympics.

Yenie is now an independent associate with USANA Health Sciences and is on a mission to support others with their health and wellbeing and to inspire young people through sharing her story.

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