Rachael is a massage therapist, singing teacher and opera singer. Not a combination you often see together, but after years of singing professionally, she enrolled in a massage course and fell in love with bodywork - in fact she loved it as much as singing!

Rachael then realised she could combine her two passions by becoming an expert in vocal massage, the neck, head and jaw areas, and postural alignment for excellent breath work. In this way, she offers solutions to other singers, people suffering from pain and tension in these areas and those struggling with vocal problems.

In this podcast, Rachael discusses her love for music and singing and the powerful physical, as well as emotional, benefits that singing can have.  She talks about how common it is that adults who have been silenced as children and told they can’t sing often carry a strong desire to find their singing voice again and how she helps them to do that.

Rachael talks about the amazing work she does for people with vocal injuries including opera and rock singers, and the need for greater awareness in many other professions where strain is put on the voice of the importance for regular checks with speech pathologists and more self-care. 

If you would like to find out more about Rachael and the services she provides, please go to her website.